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Пришел таки ответ от службы поддержки LiveJournal, который заказывали вчера. Писал на английском, ответили аналогично:

LiveJournal analyzes overall site traffic in order to improve the services we offer. We also collect statistics from Russian-speaking users, as they compromise the second largest segment of our user base. None of your private information is collected by statistics collection, only aggregate information about how people use LiveJournal. If you do not wish to contribute to these statistics, you can go to and type:
set opt_exclude_stats 1

However, if you do so, your use of LiveJournal will no longer be counted in the data collection we do, and you will no longer be able to influence LiveJournal’s direction.

LiveJournal Team

Миленько, кратко и понятно. Правда, решение нашли быстрее :)

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